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WORLD-WIDE PATENT PENDING It does not work by Ohm’s law. It has a built-in software that provides the right amount of volts. Operating range from 2 to 8.2 volts. Operating ohms from 0.5 to 5.0 ohm. Safe and controlled. Fully automatic so you do not have to do anything else but put your atomizer in place and start vaping or be a pro and choose freely 
 between 2 and 8.2 volts. Patent pending verification system which ensures that the atomizer gets the specific amount of power. Ours is the only mod that supplies 
 DC power.

Importers wanted

Electric Angel has developed a completely new kind of e-cigarette, which will be released for sale in April 2014. Unlike before, the import contracts will be made country / continent dependent. The importer gets exclusivity in his
region for one year.


1. Schedule

The first prototypes for testing will arrive between December 2013 and January 2014. The prototype model is operational, changes can still be made if necessary. Prototype models will be sent to importers who have committed to contracts and also the most prominent critics. Electric Angel selects its importers on the 1st of January 2014.

2. Prior agreement

A prior agreement entitles you to get the prototype model for testing. 

After testing, you have the opportunity to decide whether to continue the import contract. 
 If the product is as is to you satisfaction, the contract will be honored. However, if the product does not meet your expectations, the contract will be terminated. 

!A prior agreement ensures importers exclusivity and the exclusive sale in your area
for one year. Prior agreement means a written agreement with the commitment to an order of a predetermined number of EA Invictus mods in advance. The pre-order quantity is determined by the exclusivity area (e.g. the west coast of the US 2000 units or 
the US exclusive 8000 units).
!The order date is February-March 2014. A prior agreement costs 1000€€. With this we ensure that companies that
have no ability to operate as an importer do not commit.
The 1000€€ cost of the prior agreement will be reimbursed when pre-ordering.

3. Prior agreement and regions

If your company is interested in making a prior agreement with us, please contact us at 15th of Dec. 2013 at the latest.
Get in touch with us to get details on the exclusive right to import and regions, importer prices, as well as the future of the retail price.

The prototype was presented at ECC
entry 39:43 by PBusardo EA Invictus